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Pharmacy Testimonials

Suzana worked to high standards and was both enthsiastic and professional at all time.

Sean - Pharmacy Manager


PPR UK have supported me throughout finding a suitable job; support provided right from finding a job (location, salary, etc) through to the application process and interview preparation.

With special thanks to Manny Khaira at PPR UK for being very helpful on both a professional basis and professionally-personal basis - I owe you guys one!!

Ash - Pharmacist


PPR UK are, from my personal job searching experience, the most tactful, reliable, secured and quickest job seeking agent.

As a job seeker, the only thing required is to provide PPR UK with your convincing CV and you will certainly be accompanied throughout with professional support.

PPR UK was very active and always reactive to benefit me. I had even a better paid job, having lost my job, through PPR UK.

I was stranded and quite frustrated but a simple click to the online job search led me to PPR UK.

I was so encouraged and impressed by the testimonials of others which geared me in to try PPR UK. And look at it!!! It works. PPR UK does the job!

Kwao - Pharmacist


Clients FAQ’s

The professionalism and commitment of PPR to deliver quality results stand us apart from our competition.

To aid this, below are a number of frequently asked questions.

Q. Contingency based recruitment?

A. Our services are contingency based which means that unless you appoint one of our candidates our service costs you nothing, so , if required, you can view CVs and interview several candidates to find the best pharmacist for the role without any obligation.

Q: How can you be so confident of your people?

A:  We have an enormous database of qualified pharmacy sector professionals and our rigorous screening process helps us quickly narrow the choices down to a few ideal candidate(s) for each project. The shortlisted candidate is then thoroughly pre-screened and telephone interviewed before you ever meet them. They fill out a detailed questionnaire containing their references, employment history, technical skills, etc, a copy of which is submitted with each CV.

Q: What kind of pre- screening?

A: We double-check references, verify past employment, and confirm the degrees and certifications they claim. PPRUK 's in-house team telephone interview them to confirm that they do, in fact, possess the expertise they claim.

Q: Where do you find all this great talent?

A: Referrals, networking, user group meetings,  Internet postings, plus lots of hard work, telephone calls, and emails. PPRUK 's reputation for quality also attracts a lot of fantastic referrals.

Q: How do you make sure there's a good match between my specific needs and the candidates' skills?

A: It's a four-step process:

a. Consultation  - When you first contact us about a vacancy, we immediately schedule a conference call with you or your hiring manager, to ensure we fully understand the specific requirements of your project.

b.  Confirmation - A summary of our conversation is sent back to the hiring manager to confirm that we correctly understand your requirements.

c. Search - We begin querying our database to identify potential candidates and using our network of web based add to this shortlist.

d. Probe - The most promising candidates are then contacted by one of our experienced consultants. We interview them by telephone, which helps us accurately gauge each candidate's personality and related technical experience, to ensure there is a comfortable professional and cultural fit.

Q. That must take a long time

A:  Not with our database of candidates. Within 48 hours of receiving your request, we have usually located several candidates that match your specifications. We will then fully brief all suitable candidates with a view to presenting the shortlist to you within 5 working days. Only suitably qualified candidates who are genuinely interested in the opportunity, location and package will be presented to you

Q.How much do you charge?

A.For details please request our Terms & Conditions of Business.

Q.What will you do for us?

A.We provide recruitment services for the Pharmacy and Optometry industries across professional, support and management levels.

Q.Who will handle our vacancy?

A.The most appropriate member of our team of recruitment consultants. OR the person you choose.

Q.Why should we use you?

• because we succeed on over 90% of our assignments
• we have a true nationwide reach
• we really know our sector
• culture based on teamwork and cooperative behaviour
• we are professional and ethical
• we listen to our clients and candidates, and
• we aim to delight rather than merely satisfy you.

Q. What if somebody leaves us after a few months?

A. They are very unlikely to! Please see our Terms & Conditions of Business for details of how we handle these rare events.

Q. How do you handle progress reporting?

A.As frequently and as thoroughly as you wish - verbally, face to face, live on the web or in writing.

Q. What if another recruitment company finds us somebody before you do?

A. Unlikely, but our services are contingency based which means that unless you appoint one of our candidates our service costs you nothing, so , if required, you can view CVs and interview several candidates to find the best candidate for the role without any obligation


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